Cake Edit

"Annoying Orange: Best Fiends Forever"
Episode 62
Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grandpa Lemon, Grapefruit, Celery, Hidden Mustashios
Airdate: February 4, 2011
Episode Reference: Best Friends Forever
Episode Guide
"Wazzup Blowup"
"Annoying Valentines"

Orange: Hey, Hey Rhubarb, Hey, Rhubarb, Hey!

Celery: Uhhh. I'm not actually Rhubarb.

Orange: Hey Rhubarb! You on the clock?

Celery: What?

Orange: Because, I heard you get paid celery! (laughing again Celery's)

Celery: Uh, I'm Celery and either you quit callin' me Rhubarb or I'm gonna to stop listenin'!

Orange: Whatever, your all stalk and no action, action! (laughs Grapefruit and Celery)

Celery: Not listenin' to you, see how easy it is? Real piece of cake...

Grapefruit: Cake?! (music plays changes to Grapefruit's) More like Rhubarb pie! (chuckle)

Orange: Oh great. It's Apefruit, what do you want?

Grapefruit: What?! It's a free kitchen, I can hang out if I wanna...

Orange: Why don't you make friends, at you're own house?

Grapefruit: (Midget Apple and Marshmallow message mail) What? Didn't Midget Munchkin give you, the memo?

Orange: Memo, what's a memo?

Midget Apple: It's a Little Message! And I'm a Little Apple!


Orange: Oh! What does it say? Am I a Millionaire?

Midget Apple: Ahhh, mmm. Yo yo yo! Listen, up dilweeds!

Orange: We're listenin'. Just read the letter.

Midget Apple: I'm readin' the letter!

Orange: Forget it, just skip to the memo!

Midget Apple: (groans) All you lame-Os, better watch your P's and mind your Q's, the greatest fruit, of all fruitdom, is movin' into the kitchen, sincelery, Grapefruit.

Grapefruit: (laughs) Hey roomie! Wanna rassle for the top bunk?

Princess ButterflyKiss Lighter Champfire Edit

Grapefruit: After that, I usutally hit the stair step to build some cardio then go grab a good sweat in the sauna to loosen up the muscles.

Celery: Wait, so who's this chap?

Midget Apple: Oh, That's Grapefruit! He had the hots for Passion Fruit, and then he got chopped up!

Celery: Chopped up?

Midget Apple: Uhu, by a big knife!

Marshmallow: Oh! Oh! And then he got turned into a monster!

Celery: I have gotta get outta here!

Grapefruit: Oh, shut up! You're pie hole, Rhubarb! (laughs)

Orange: That's like the 4th time you made that joke!

Grapefruit: Hey! Just havin' some fun here, roomie!

Orange: (sighs) Hey! Hey Celery! Hey Celery Hey!

Grapefruit: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! You're doing all wrong!

Orange: No I'm not.

Grapefruit: Yo, Celery! Guess what?!

Celery: (groans) What?

Grapefruit: Knife.

Celery: (Screams)

(Orange, Midget Apple, and Marshmallow scream, but comes to expect there actually)

Orange: HEY!

Grapefruit:Psych! (chuckles)

Celery: That's not funny man!

Orange: Yeah, we don't yell knife when there is no knife!

Midget Apple: Not cool, dude!

Grapefruit: Why don't you stop being such a baby baby apple? (laugh)

Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!

Grapefruit: You see what I did there, Orange, I called him baby!

Orange: You're an Apple!

Grapefruit: Looks like you can't teach an old, Orange, new tricks!

Marshmallow: Oh, I love trick! Especially when there is bunny!

Grapefruit: Oh! What's this? A volunteer?

Orange: No! That's Marshmallow!

Grapefruit: Marshmallow? EEEUU? More like cream puff! (laugh)

Midget Apple: Whoa Whoa Whoa, Just leave Marshmallow outta this!

Grapefruit: Go bite a bottle, baby apple!

Midget Apple: I'm serious, look, fun's fun, but trust me, you wouldn't like Marshmallow (music playing continues to Midget Apple's) when's he angry! (Marshmallow giggles)

Grapefruit: Oh, yeah, hey, sugar skull!

Marshmallow: YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Turn me into a bunnies, turn me into a bunnies!

Grapefruit: Bunnies? Sorry, pal! But you're a "hare" off. (all laugh) OK, that's enough with the laughin'!

Marshmallow: Hehehehehehehe!

Grapefruit: I got another joke here...

Marshmallow: Bunnies!

Grapefruit: OK. (Marshmallow cheers) OK, that's enough.

Orange: Better give it up, Grapefruit, nobody gets Marshmallow's goat?

Marshmallow: (Gasp) I've a goat?! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna feed him lollipops and old tin cans!

Grapefruit: Back off, Orange.

Orange: (gasps)

Grapefruit: I'm picking up where you dropped the ball.

(a photo of a unicorn appears next to him)

Grapefruit: Hey! Hey Eric! Check it out!

Marshmallow: Oh. That's my picture of princess butterfly kiss.

Princess Butterfly Kiss: (flicks on a lighter)

Grapefruit: Yeah! And that's my lighter!

Marshmallow: (gasp)

Grapefruit: I heard Marshmallow's low on campfire! (laugh)

Marshmallow: (crying): Princess butterfly kiss...? (front of the photo lighter campfire) UUHHHHHHH.... UHHHH.........

Midget Apple: That's it, I'm out of here! (drives of Granpa Lemon's motorcycle) Don't say I didn't, warn you! (Grapefruit laughs) Drop the hammer, Grandpa! We gotta catch some speed!

Grandpa Lemon: GERONIMO!!!!!!!! (Engine revving motorcycle takes off Orange's)

Orange: Not a bright idea!

Grapefruit: What? Am I the only 1 with a sense of humor?

Celery: Guys? Something's-something's happening to your friend.

Marshmallow: (growling in rage, in angrilly)

Orange: WOAAH! Marshmallow's ready to pop!

House Explodes Edit

Pear: Hey guys! What are you doing out here?

Midget Apple: Pear! It's Grapefruit, hee... he........

Pear: Yeah I know. Why do you think I went for a hike?

Midget Apple: No! You don't understand! (cries) He pushed Marshmallow-too far.......

Pear: (gulps) Well what's the worst that could happen?

Marshmallow: (angrilly): NOBODY HURTS PRINCESS BUTTERFLY KISS!!!!!!!!!!

(The house explodes)

Both: WHOA!

Orange: (groaning)

Pear: Oh no, Orange!

House Campfire Orange and Marshmallow Edit

Orange: (groaning with impact, champfire hole is through)

Marshmallow: Oho, did I do that? (laughing)

(end credits rolls)

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