"Annoying Orange: Chiller"
Episode 100
Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, Kid Fruits (Kid Blueberry, Kid Strawberry, Kid Blackberry, and Kid Raspberry), Freezer, Zombies (Popsicle, Berries, and Broccoli)
Airdate: October 28, 2011
Episode Reference: Thriller
Episode Guide
"Ask Orange #2: Toast Busters!"
"Magic Clam"

Grandpa Lemon: And then, the old fruit said! That can't be my daughter! She died years ago! Spooky...Eh?

Blueberry: Oh, come on, Grandpa Lemon, we wanna hear a real scary story!

Kids fruits: (cheers)

Grandpa Lemon: Oh, well, there was that one time I caught scurvy! (kids fruits groaning) Alright, alright, lemme see, now!

(The light fades spooky)

Grandpa Lemon: On a night like this! Under a full moon's beam! The kitchen was dead quiet. Except for a scream!

Raspberry: (screaming)

Blackberry: Eeee-oohhh!

Grandpa Lemon: The freezer door was open, a frigid cold seized the room, it's evil chill turned the fruits, into frozen zombies of doom!

Blueberry: Everybody knows zombies aren't real, Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: You should tell that...

(he light Pear and Orange)

Grandpa Lemon: TO THEM!!

Orange and Pear: (growls)

Kids fruits: (screams)

Orange and Pear: (laughing too)

Orange: What a bunch of Halloweenies? (laugh)

Pear: That was awesome, I can't believe they fell for the old haunted freezer gag!

Grandpa Lemon: Gag? Who said anythin' 'bout a gag?

Freezer: HAHAHAHA!

Pear and Grandpa Lemon: UAAAAAAHHH!!!


Orange: WHOA! Everyone just chill out! (laughing)

(the freezer laughs evilly again)

(music plays chiller)

Orange: Wait a minute! How did we get in here?

Pear: Uh, I think that's the least of our problems! What happened to our friends?

Grapefruit, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit and Midget Apple: (growls)

Pear: What's going on with our friends?!! Orange!! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!!

Orange: (growling zombies as)

Pear: WAAAAH! (Orange's chiller singing) Huh? WAAAAH! (singing) Moonlight? Aren't we in a freezer? (singing) WAAAAH! (singing) NO!! (Freezer laughs) (singing)

Grandpa Lemon: Drakness falls across the land that's frigid, terror strikes from an apple midget! The grapefruit monster, now a growlin' ghoul! Watches the marshmallow skate on his frozen drool!

Marshmallow: Yay! I love being a zombie!

Grandpa Lemon: The zombie foods are lurking across the hall! And a fiendish Orange, commands 'em all!

Orange: Hey, I'm not a fiend, I'm an orange! (singing)

Pear: NO, I DON'T WANNA BE A ZOMBIE!! (screams) (wakes up) (screams) Stay back!

Orange: Why? Did you fart? HAHAHAHA!

Pear: (gasps) Where am I?

Orange: You're in the kitchen, where else would you be?

Pear: No! You don't understand, it's the...(the freezer) Wow! It was all a dream! HA! And to think, I was terrified to the freezer! Hahahaha!

Orange: Freezer, do you mean...(zombies pretends be) THE CHILLER?

Pear: Ahhhhhh!

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