Orange: Hey, there Apples, have you ever seen anything like this at the zoo?

("Annoying Orange: Sneezing Marshmallow" clip)

(And sneezes, when seconds pass by than half, Orange's and Marshmallow's passes, Orange screams, and he's groans)

Marshmallow: I sneeze glitter! (Giggles)

Orange: Wow, all I can say is that Marshmallow should be arrested for glitterin'. (Laughs) (cuts of "Annoying Orange: Sneezing Marshmallow" clip in slow-mo) Have you ever seen a Marshmallow Sneeze glitter? And look at this guy! He jumped so high that if he had feet he'd be wearin' air force 1s. (Laughs)

Orange #2: You're an Apple, and that's fake and fruity!

Orange: Get it...? Air force 1s...?

Orange #2: Still an Apple!

Orange: No, you're an apple!

Orange #2: Nahahhhhuuuuu, you're an Apple!

Orange: Apple.

Orange #2: Apple!

Orange and Orange #2: Apple, apple, apple, apple, apple!

Orange: Speakin' of air, our next video is full of another type of gas, laughin' gas! (Farts, Laughs)

("Annoying Orange: Orange After Dentist" clip)

Orange: OK, now. OK, now I? I've 2 fingers?

Pear: Actually, you don't have any fingers, Orange?

Orange: No fingers? (screams)

Pear: It's OK! You never had fingers!

Orange: This guy's totally out of it, what's even better is the endin'?


Orange: Hey Pear.

Pear: Yes Orange?

Orange: Airbag. (Airbag pops into the carmera, Pear screams) Ooooooooo! Did you see that? Right to the face! ("Annoying Orange: Orange After Dentist" clip in slow-mo) He was all like! Oh, man! This is hilarious! I am going to show this on the...OOPS! Surprise Airbag. Now, I don't know 'bout you but I hate it when Surprise Airbags HAPPEN! You're just sittin' their mindin' your own buisness when all of a sudden...

(Airbag pops into the carmera, Orange screams)

Orange: Now everybody is been sendin' me this next video, so let's just cut to the chase, so there's this news story 'bout a fruit that almost gets killed, but that's not the good part...

("Annoying Orange: Kitchen Intruder Theme Song" clip)

Orange: ...this is! (Singing Kitchen Intruder song) Woah! That guy is crazy. I'd hate to have him on my bad side. He'd probably give me a fruit punch. (Laughs) So what do you get when you cross a unicorn, an orange, and a rainbow? A fruit with a rainbow unibrow!

Orange #2: Lammmme.

Orange: Not only that? You also get our last video!

("Annoying Orange: Meets Charile The Unicorn" clip)

Both: Charile, wake up, IT'S A RAINBOW!

Charile: God, you guys. This better be freaking important! Is the kitchen on fire again? (Marahmallow and Orange speakes too) Pot of gold! Sure! I'm going back to sleep now!


Charile: Please, stop jumpin' on me.

Orange:Yeah! I want my pot of gold, Charile, let's go! Hurry!


Charile: All right, fine, I'll go with you to see the rainbow!

Orange: Wow! Rainbows have magical powers! But, you know what else has magical powers? Our comment question of the day which comes from a user named Rockinrutabega.

Rockinrutabega: Ummmmm, like, if you were stuck on an island with 1 fruit, who would it be and why?

Orange: So, if you were stuck on an island with 1 fruit on it, who would it be and why?

(To Orange)

Orange: Leave your interesting or creative responses in the comment section...(slo-mo) beeeeeeeelllllloooowwwwwwwwwwwwww... Thanks for watchin' today is episode of equals annoying orange!

Orange: I'm Annoying Orange and I approve this burp. (Burp, laugh)

Orange: So tell me Apples, if elephants are microwaves what are alligators?

(Annoying Orange singing Juicin your fruit)

Orange: Hey hey Charile!

Charile: What?

Orange: Knife.

Charile: AWWWW, GOD!! Right in the other kidney!

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