(The kitchen Orange and Egg Roll)

Orange: Hahahaha! Ohh! Hey, Hey, I got 1! Why did the chicken coss the road?

Egg Roll: I don't know why?!

Orange: 'Cause the Egg Rolled! Hahahaha!

Egg Roll: Yeah, like I haven't heard that before!

Orange: Get it, egg rolled? Hahaha!

Egg Roll: What's going on?!

(Egg Roll's hours Daneboe's eats Fortune Cookie)


Fortune Cookie: Where he has gone, no fruit may follow.

Orange: Huuuuuuu?

Fortune Cookie: Well, as least not for, a couple of hours. Hahaha!

Orange: Waoooh! You're a talkin', uhh, thing-a-majig.

Fortune Cookie: No. No, I'm not!

Orange: Yeah, you are! You're talkin' right now!

Fortune Cookie: No, not like that I'm a-

Orange: HEY HEY!! Thing-a-majig! You're face looks like a flower!

Fortune Cookie: What?!

Orange: Yah! Like 2 lips! Hahaha!

Fortune Cookie: That's just-No-No, I'm a Fortune Cookie!

Orange: Fortune? Whooah! You're like a Sugar Daddy! Hahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Not money, Fortune, Fortune, like Fortune teller!

Orange: Sweet, read my palm, read my plam!

Fortune Cookie: Uuuuuu? You don't have any...

Orange: Awwwwww. What a GYPSY? Hahahaha! (Fortune Cookie growls) So, hey! What's gonna happen now?

Fortune Cookie: What do you mean?

Orange: I thought you could tell the future!

Fortune Cookie: Well, it's not always like that.

Orange: Hey hey! What am I gonna say, now?

Fortune Cookie: I dunno...

Orange: Wrong!! I was gonna say, woeklsowoalwowlslslwo Auuu, Hahahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Shut up!!!!

Orange: Oooo! What am I gonna say, now?

Fortune Cookie: You're an idiot!

Orange: Nope, I was gonna say: (makes babbling noise) NYANYANYANYANYANYANYA!

Fortune Cookie: OK, I get it! Just stop already!

Orange: Hey! Hey, are you related to Misfortune Cookie?

Fortune Cookie: Misfortune Cookie? Who's Misfortune Cookie?

Misfortune Cookie: So, your going to get cut in half. And, your going to get crushed by an anvil, AND, YOUR GOING TO GET FRUIT FLIES!!

Apple, Kiwi and Radish: AHHH!

Orange: Yeah, she is not very Popular!

Fortune Cookie: Oh, don't worry, she is 'bout to go to pieces!

Misfortune Cookie: Excuse me?...

(leaving Misfortune Cookie's crackling Daneboe)

Misfortune Cookie : AHH!

Orange: Whoa! I guess that's how the Cookie Crumbles! Hahahaha! Hey! What's that?

Fortune Cookie: Oh, that's a Fortune!

Orange: Wow! I thought it would be bigger! Hahahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Uuughhmmm-

Orange: Hey, what's it say?

Fortune Cookie: Thumb? But that doesn't make any sense.

Orange: What's the matter? Can't put your finger on it? Hahahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Weird, maybe it was a dud!

Orange: Nah! I'm pretty sure she was a Cookie! Hahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Oh, shut up!

Orange: Hey! I thought you were supposed to be a sweet talker! Hahahaha!

Fortune Cookie: Ugh, seriously! I don't wanna hear another peep out of you, OK?

Orange: Hey! Hey! Hey, Master Fortune Cookie!

Fortune Cookie: What!?

Orange: Thumb!

Fortune Cookie : DAH!

(leaving Fortune Cookie's crackling Daneboe)

Orange: Ah! Got milk?! Hahahaha! Ooooo, ow!

Orange: And that's why you never pick up a hitchhiker! Hahahaha!

Apple #2: Ooooow! This really hurts!

Orange: Whoa! Apple you're still alive!

Apple #2: Yeah! It's just a peel wound I'll be fine! Hey! What's that?

Orange: Oh! It's a Fortune!

Apple #2: Really? Well, what's it say?

Orange: Knife.

Apple #2: Oooo...I wonder what that means? (got sliced Daneboe and screams end credits rolls)

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