"Annoying Orange: Gumbrawl"
Episode 92
Characters: Orange, Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Gums, and Gumdrops
Airdate: September 9, 2011
Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange Through Time #3"
"Pet Peeve"

Gumbrawl was the 92nd episode of the Annoying Orange series.



Orange: Hey, hey Rainbow Snake! Hey, Rainbow Snake, hey!

Gummy Worm #1: I'm a worm. Not a snake.

Orange: Snake! Hey, hey Snake!

Gummy Worm #1: I'm not a snake!

Orange: Do something that snake would do!

Gummy Worm #1: Stop!

Orange: A snake wouldn't say it, like that. He'd say it like, "Sssssssssssstop!" (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: A gummy-worm.

Orange: A gummy worm? What makes you gummy?

Gummy Worm #1: Well, I'm made of--

Orange: Is it because you don't have any teeth?

Gummy Worm #1: You can clearly see I have teeth.

Orange: (without his teeth) Hey, you talk like this?

Gummy Worm #1: You know very well, I don't talk like that.

Orange: I bet you do. I bet you you talk, just like this!

Gummy Worm #1: Stop doing that!

Orange: "Ssssssssssstop doing that!" (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: Stop it! Just stop it! How were you this incredibly annoying?!

Extended Version Part 1Edit

Orange: (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: (sigh) Sorry, I....(sigh)....just don't know what came over just then.

Orange: It's okay. I'll let you out to hook, this time. (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: Stop it, already!


Orange: Hey, hey Worm! Hey, Worm, hey!

Gummy Worm #1: What, what?! Whaaat?!

Orange: Knife!

Gummy Worm #1: With your teeth. Use your teeth!

Orange: Oh. (with his teeth) Knife!

(Dane sliced a gummy worm with a knife)

Gummy Worm #1: (screaming)

Orange: Ugh!

(Dane keeps slicing a gummy worm)

Orange: Yikes!

(Dane stops slicing a gummy worm, and a buttom gummy worm's face came out)

Gummy Worm #1, and Gummy Worm #2: Goodbye, cool world. Oh, it's certains for me. Cert-- Whoa!

Orange: Whoa!

Gummy Worm #1, and Gummy Worm #2: Do you know what this means?

Orange: Yeah, we've got worms! (laughs)

(title card)

Gummy Worm #1: Blue. Definitly blue.

Gummy Worm #2: No way, that's my favourite colour!

Gummy Worm #1: Wow, we have so much in comment.

Orange: Yeah, you don't know the "half" of it. (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: Oh, just shut up.

Gummy Worm #2: Seriously, Orange, we're trying to--

Orange: Reconnect? (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: (groan) So angry, right now.

Gummy Worm #2: I could just lose my head!

Orange: You could say that, again.

Gummy Worm #1: Huh?

Orange: Knife's back!

(Dane sliced the left gummy worm with his knife)

Gummy Worm #2: (screaming)

Orange: Yikes!

Extended Version Part 2Edit

Orange: There's no warning your way out of this on!


(Dane sliced the right gummy worm with his knife)

Gummy Worm #1, and Gummy Worm #2: (screaming)

Orange: Who uses a knife to cut gummy snakes?!

(Dane stops slicing the gummy worms, and many gummy worms' faces came out)

Gummy Worms: (screams)

Orange: WOOOW!!

Gummy Worms: (laughing)

Orange: (laughs) Wait, why are we all laughing?

Gummy Worm #1: Brothers, we are impurvious to the knife. Do you know what this means?

Gummy Worm #3: We are invincible!

Gummy Worms: Hu-ahh!

Orange: Jeez, these snakes are throwing a real "hissy" fit. (laughs)

Extended Version Part 3Edit

Gummy Worm #1: We are numbers, we have the largest gummiest army in the entire kitchen!


Gummy Worm #1: Our delicious dominance is iminent!

(Screen shows the gummy bears marching)

Gummy Bear: Ha-ha! Not if we have anything to say about it, you're not.

Gummy Worm #1: Gummy Bears!

Gummy Bear: Prepare to eat dirt, you filthy worms!

Gummy Worm #2: Gladly.

Gummy Worm #4: Yeah, we like dirt. We're worms.

Gummy Bear: Yeah, well, mock my words. The duscly is from the ba--

Extended Version Part 4Edit

Gummy Bear: Yeah, well, mock my words. The duscly is from the battlefield, and we'll be--


(record scratches)

Orange: Hey, hey Bear! Hey, Bear, hey!

Gummy Worm: Come on! I was about to deliver a really cool line!

(A pack of gum pops out, and the gums came out of the pack)

Gum: Sorry to, uh, burst your bubble there, fellas, but, you ain't havin' a gummy war without us.

Gummy Worm #1: Chewing Gum?

Extended Version Part 5Edit

Orange: Watch out, they really know how to "stick" together. (laughs)


(Gumdrops drops down on the counter by themselves)

Gumdrop: Head's up!

Orange: Whoa!

Gumdrop: Sorry to "drop" in unannounced.

Gummy Bear: Oh, come on! They both had awesome entrance lines; you couldn't interupt those guys?!

Orange: No way! That would've been un-bear-able! (laughs)

Gummy Bear: (growls angrilly)

Gummy Worm #4: Sir, there's so many of them. I'm--I'm scared.

Gummy Worm #1: Don't be. This will make our victory all of the sweeter.

Gummy Worms: Hu-aah!

(Gummy Worms, Gummy Bears, Gums, and Gumdrops took a fight, and they're all yelling)

Orange: Holy cow!

(The gummys stops fighting, because they're stuck into a gumball)

Gummy Bear: Can't.....move!

Gummy Worm #1: So, everybody's stuck, huh?

Gumdrop: Yeah.

Gummy Bear: Yup.

Extended Version Part 6Edit

Gummy Worm #2: Yeah.


Gummy Worm #1: Ugh, this happens everytime.

Orange: Whoa, talk about a sticky situation! (laughs)

Extended Version Part 7Edit

Gummy Worm #1: Well, fellas, look's like another stanpad.


Gum: Well, it's true what they they say: "They are no winners in a gum war."

Gummy Worm #1: Friends, I believe we've learned a very important lesson, today.

Orange: Yeah, you never bring a "knife" to a gum fight! (laughs)

Gummy Worm #1: What the heck are you even talking about?

(Dane sliced a gumball with a knife, and the gummy's screaming)

(End roll)

Extended Version Part 8/Alternate EndingEdit

Orange: Whoa! Now, that's somethin' to ball about. (laughs) Oh!

(Two gumballs appeared)

Gum: Eh?

Gumdrop: Huh?

Gummy Worm #1: Another ball?!

Gummy Bear: You know what this means.

Gummy Worm #1: Gather them!

(The gummys took a fight, and they all yell)

(End roll)

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