Green Apple, Clementine, Kiwi, Atualfo, Peach: Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Orange: Hey, hey guys! What's so funny?! (Fruit Basket laugh in are fruits making) Hey, hey Apple!

Jalapeño: Are you talking to me? Hello! My Orange friend!

Orange: Hey Apple, how'd you get so skinnies?

Green Apple: Hey! He is not an Apple.

Clementine: Yeah! Shut up! Orange!

Green Apple: It is OK. Go on. Chili Gordo!

Orange: You called Apple Gordo!

Jalapeño: Yes! Yes, she did! You see, Orange! I've many names!

Orange: Like Apple.

Jalapeño: No... I'm not an Apple... my name's... Jalapeño...

Green Apple, Clementine, Kiwi, Atualfo, Peach: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Clementine: He's so hot!

(title card)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Gordo!

Jalapeño: Yes, My Orange Friend!

Orange: I thought you were hot!

Jalapeño: I am!

Orange: So, why do they call you chili? (laughs)

Atualfo: Hey! Shut up! Orange! You are being so stupid: STOP IT!!!

Orange: Jeez, talk 'bout a bowl movement! (laughs)

Peach: Master Jalapeño! I've this friend and like! She was wonderin' if you'd ever be interested!

Jalapeño: Interested? No...

Peach: Oh!

Jalapeño: I would be more than interested...And please tell your friend she looks quite lovelie today!

Green Apple, Clementine, Kiwi, Atualfo, Peach: Ahhh! Oh! Whoa, whoa!

Pear: Oh, my God! You're so smooth, Orange! Did you see that?! How does he do that?!

Orange: Don't ask me! How am I supposed to jalape know?! (laughs)

Jalapeño: (laughs) Touché, Orange!

Orange: Gesundheit!

Jalapeño: You know, Orange! You remind me of someone...

Clementine: Please, don't say me! Please, don't say me!

Orange: Really?...

Jalapeño: Yes! You see! My friend! I wasn't always so smooth!

(in the flashback)

Baby Jalapeño: Hey! Hey, Habanero, Hey!

Habanero: What?!

Baby Jalapeño: Habanero! Hey!

Habanero: WHAT?!

Baby Jalapeño: Can you see, this? (singing lalalalalaing song)

Habanero: Hey! Knock it off! (Baby Jalapeño's singing lalalalalaing song) KNOCK IT OFF! (Baby Jalapeño laughs as Habanero growls)

Baby Jalapeño: Hey, Habanero!

Habanero: What?!

Baby Jalapeño: Habanero, hey!

Habanero: WHAT?!!

Baby Jalapeño: Knife!

Habanero: Ahh--(got sliced and Habanero's, music playing half cut gets)


(in ends flashback)

Jalapeño: Ah, was I ever so young?

Peach: Ahhh. He's so deep!

Orange: Hey, hey Gordo! Do you wanna hear me sing?!

Jalapeño: Yes, very much!

Orange: Nyanyanyanyanya...

Jalapeño: Huuuuuuuh.

Orange: It's a show stopper!

Pear: Seriously, dude! I'm not with him!

Jalapeño: Orange! You've no talent!

Orange: Jeez, that's not smooth!

Jalapeño: But, you possess something more precious! You my friend. Are full of pasión!

Orange: No! I am not! That's just citrus!

Jalapeño: No, it's true!

Pear: No really. It's just citrus!

Jalapeño: Talent is a cheap call but for a man that wears too much plaid.

Orange: Mmmmmm. I'm pretty gassy.

Jalapeño: Do you think without passion? I could do this?...lalalaaaaalaalala

Green Apple, Clementine, Kiwi, Atualfo, Peach: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Atualfo: He's so beautiful!

Jalapeño: No! No! Thank you! Thank you, do you've any requests?

Pear: Oh hey. Do you know any show tunes?

Peach: Free Bird! Do Free Bird!

Orange: Ooooo, ooooo! Knife. Knife!!

Jalapeño: Knife? I dunno that 1!

Orange: No, knife!

Jalapeño: (Screams)

(Orange, Fruit Basket, Kiwi, Atualfo, Peach scream, this time in horror, cut knife half him)

Orange: Chili gordo!

Jalapeño: Amigo, you've cut me deeper than any woman I've ever met!

Orange: Actually, his name's Knife!

Jalapeño: Yes...and someday...he will come to us all...

Orange: Jeez, that's kinda dark!

Jalapeño: And yet...there's still light...

Atualfo: (crying)

Jalapeño: The burnin' light of passion! It's now in your hands!

Orange: But I don't have hands, I'm an Orange.

Jalapeño: Nor do I...but yet, I am still.........

Orange: Handsome?...

Jalapeño: Hahahahahaha, yes, my friend. I knew you wouldn't lemme down. Ouch.

Orange: Thanks, Jalapeño!

Jalapeño: Keep the passion burnin', Orange! Keep it burnin'!

(Knife slices cuts him, end rolls)

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