Orange: Hey, hey Pear! Look, at that.

Pear: No.

Orange: Aww...Why not?

Pear: 'Cause the second I glance up, you're just gonna yell made you look!

Orange: No, no really. Pear, th-

Pear: I'm not falling for it, Orange!


Orange: Whoa, did you hear that?

Pear: I guess, I...I did hear something.

Orange: Made you look! (laughs, Pear groans)

(Jumping Bean over look at Orange's falls, very hard to attacked)

Orange: OOOOWWW!!!

(Jumping Bean's very hard feeling a bit)

Orange: What the heck was that?

Jumping Bean: Hey buddy, I'm sorry hey, I'm just feeling a bit jumpie, man.

(title card)

Orange: Hey, hey Jumpy, hey!

Jumping Bean: Hello.

Orange: Hey.

Jumping Bean: Hello.

Orange: Hey, sit still.

Jumping Bean: I can't do that, I'm a Jumping Bean, man.

Orange: A Jumping Bean? What's next? A Swimming Peanut? (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Oooooo! Don't get me started on those, guys.

Orange: What's the matter? Are you hopping mad? (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Oh, The Jumping, It's So Exhausting!

Orange: Have you thought about seeing a hoptomertrist? (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Ewwww. Not so much.

Orange: Whhhhhhoooaaa! Hey! Where'd he go?

Jumping Bean: Si?!

Orange: Si?!

Jumping Bean: Si!!!

Orange: See what?

Jumping Bean: Si, que!

Orange: Ck? Uhm, can I buy a vowel?

Jumping Bean: Dude! No! No! No! Si, means, yes!

Orange: Yes?!

Jumping Bean: Si!

Orange: But I thought C's for cat.

Jumping Bean: Dude! No Not Cat!

Orange: Yes, it is! C. A. T. Cat.

Jumping Bean: No, dude! Si's entirely different in my language!

Orange: Oh sea, like a ocean!

Jumping Bean: No, no.

Orange: Ooooooo, what if you put a kittie in the ocean? Would that make it a catfish? (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Dude, there's no such thing.

Orange: Yeah, right, tell that to the swimming peanut!

Swimming Peanut: Yo brother. Want to do some laps?!! Aw, right, ya can't Swim! (chuckles) (jumps into fish bowl) WHHOO-HHOOO!!!

Pear: Oh, dude, I just changed that water.

Orange: Don't worry, Pear, I'm sure he'll be out in a jiff. (laughs, Pear groans)

Jumping Bean: HELLO!!

Pear: Whuh! OK, stop doing that.

Jumping Bean: Dude, this place's crazy, show me the way out, and I'll take you with me!

Pear: Dude, if I knew the answer to that, do you think I'd still be here?

Orange: But you just got here, Bean! Why're you in such a hurry to bounce? (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Aw...dude, you gotta stop.

Pear: Hey Hey Hey Hey, Just Just take a deep breath, just try to relax, the kitchen isn't so bad, once you get used to it!

Jumping Bean: Yeah maybe you're right maybe I'm a little wound up.

Pear: That's it, just let it all out.

Jumping Bean: (gasps) Dude, I think I'm feeling better!

Orange: See, it was just bound to happen! (laughs)

Jumping Bean: Oh...ohh...I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

(Jumping Bean's and bounce off the walls, he's screaming everywhere jumps)

Pear: Way to go, Orange.

Orange: What? It's not my fault this guy's all over the place.

(Orange laughs, turns on the sink's garbage disposal, files in Jumping Bean's, and splatter everywhere screaming)

Orange and Pear: Oh!

Orange: Man... this is turning into a real "drain-wreck!"

Swimming Peanut: Boy. Talk about a has bean.

Swimming Peanut and Orange: (laughs)

Orange: Hey, hey Swimming Peanut!

Swimming Peanut: WHAT IS IT, PAL?!!

Orange: Catfish!

(Swimming Peanut's a catfish appears out of nowhwre and eats him)

Swimming Peanut: AAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

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