(meteor explodes)






(Orange in the house kitchen)

Orange: Whoa! What the heck are you? Are you a hoagie? Hey! Hey, Hulk Hoagie!

Croissant: It's croissant!

Orange: Hey, hey, Hulk Hoagie, hey!

Croissant: It's croissant ok?! You want me to spell it out for you?

Orange: Nuh! That's what he's for!

Spell & Speak: Hoagie: H-O-A--

Croissant: THAT'S IT!! You want to rock and roll with me, c'mon!! LET'S ROCK A-

(Croissant screams in Meteortron lands roof through)

Orange: Whoaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Pear: What the heck was that?!

Meteortron: What are these earth shapes?...

Orange: That's not rock and roll. That's just rock on a roll.

Spell & Speak: Can you spell...: ("ZING" kind just you) "zing?"

(title card)

Pear: Holy crap! It's A Meteor!!

Orange: Meteor, uuuu...meatier than what?

Meteortron: Negative!! I merely look like a Meteor!

Midget Apple: Soooo what, your like a comet?

Orange: He can't be a comet, he doesn't have a tail! (laughing)

Meteortron: SILENCE!!

Spell & Speak: Silence: S-I-L--(falls Meteortron's get hits by a laser)

Orange: Hey! Now I'll never learn how to spell!

Meteortron: Behold!! I'm Meteortron of the Frotobots! We're an alien race of shape shiftin' Robots Locked in a Never-Endin' Battle with Opticons, who're also an alien race of shape shiftin' Robots who we will Crush!

Orange: Wait! So, you got a Crush on who, now?

Meteortron: Silence!! And tell me where I can find a Relic!

Orange: Huuuuu?!

Midget Apple: Uhm, you mean like a VCR?

Meteortron: No, the Relic's a Device of Unspeakable Power, which I've traced to this v-

(record scratches)

Meteortron: Uuuuu...what the crap is this place?!

Orange: Kitchen?

Meteortron: Keeeeeeeeetch-on...Now, you must gimme the Relic!

Pear: Uhhh...sorry, dude. We don't have any Relic!

Meteortron: You, Cannot Deceive A Frotobot!!! NO MATTER!!!!!! I'VE OTHER WAYS OF MAKIN' YOU TALK!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(Meteortron's while the blade is heard whirring)

Orange: Whoa, cut it out! Meteorman. If you want the Relic so bad, he's right there!

Relish: Whoa Whoa Whoa! Whoa! Easy now! Just put the spinnin' blade down and let's talk this over.

Meteortron: Huuuu?! This does not Compute!

Relish: Yeah! It doesn't Compute, you know why? 'Cause I am Relish, not Relic!

Meteortron: Further investigation's required! Initiate dissection...

Relish: Oh thanks a lot! Orange, thanks!

Orange: Oho! This is gonna be jarrin'! (laughing) (groans in disgust)

(A laser hits the blade, causing it to come of growls, robot screen shows)

Spell & Speak: Boom.

Orange: Spell & Speak, your alive!!

Spell & Speak: Yes, For I'm more than an educational tool: I'm, an Opticon!

Meteortron: Who we will crush!

Spell & Speak: Meteortron!! Step away from the Relic!

Relish: Aw, c'mon! You can't Spell Relish?!

Meteortron: Prepare for battle! (robot he into truns)

Orange: Whooaaa! Time for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

Meteortron: BEHOLD!!!

Pear: Whoa.

Midget Apple: Neato Burrito!

Meteortron: I'm Meteortron!

Mervin the Watermelon: Hey guys! What is going on in here?!

Orange: Hey! Hey Mervin!

Mervin the Watermelon: What's up, Orange?!

Orange: Robot!

Mervin the Watermelon: Huh?! WHOA, WHOA!! PUT ME DOWN!

Meteortron: Die, Opticon!!

Mervin the Watermelon: (screams in he Spell & Speak's heads up explodes)

Orange: Whhhoa! Heads up!

Meteortron: YAAAAAAHHHHH!!

Spell & Speak: OHHHHHH!

Midget Apple: Whhhhhhoooaaa!


Orange: Ugh!

Meteortron: YAAAAAAHHHHH!!

(Meteortron and Spell & Speak exploding)

Midget Apple: Whhhhhhoooaaa!

Orange: Cuuuu-cu-cu-cuuuuuh!

Pear: Cuuuu-cu-cu-cuuuuuh!

Orange: Cuuu! Whoa!! Talk 'bout deja boom! (maniacally laughter) (reacts in disgust)

Pear: Ooooooo! Why's it we can't go one day in this kitchen without something exploding?

Midget Apple: Amen!

Orange: Yeah! It's pretty great! Isn't it?

Midget Apple and Pear: Ohhhhhhh.

Relish: Fear not friends! We are safe now, that the robots have destroyed themselves, perhaps I can finally out away this, ("RELIC" takes off his disguise) disguise!

Orange and Pear: Whhhhhhoooaaa!!

Relish: Behold. It is I. The Rel-AAH!

(Hot Dog house roof and lands counter, explodes)

Hot Dog: (chuckling) What's up dudes?! I'm lookin' for the Relish! You seen him anywhere?!

(end credits rolls)

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