Orange: B-B-B-B-B-B-BORED!! Hahaha!

Burrito: Ohhhhhh!

Orange: Hey Hey Space Taco, is it time for blastoff? (laugh)

Burrito: It's BBBBBBurrito!

Orange: Brr! Is right, "What's the matter?" You need to defrost? (laughing)

(hand Burrito takes)

Burrito: Whoa! Ese: Hands off!

(hands microwave puts Burrito's)

Orange: Yeah, I was only jokin'?

Pear: Ummmm-Why's Burrito in the Microwave?

Orange: Well! Duh: He's too big for the toaster! (laugh)

Midget Apple: (snarls a bit) Is anyone else worried 'bout that warning label?

Burrito: Ah: That's just a brithmark: I have had it forever!

Marshmallow: (opens closes microwaves, Daneboe and Burrito's beep button, at) YYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everythin's Hunky-Dory!

Orange: Yep! Nothin' to worry 'bout at all! (zaps noise, start worry microwave) Whoa! (zaps and beeps rapid Orange's, Pear's, Marshmallow's and Midget Apple's had it forever worry all)

Pear: Uuuuuhhhhh!

Orange: WAH!

Marshmallow: OOOAH!

Midget Apple: Ah!

(The microwaves, crackles loudly at "Annoying Orange: Microwave Effect" had it big for all, on worry just birthmark, music playing Apple's)

Orange #2: Hey, Hey, Apple, Hey, Hey, Apple, Hey!

Apple: What, what, what's it?

Orange #2: Orange you gald I didn't say Apple again. (laughing)

Apple: Yeah! Yeah! That joke was funny the first 400 ti-(zaps noise, Orange #2's funny 400 times you gasps) What the heck?

Marshmallow: (poofs Orange's, Pear's and Midget Apple) YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange and Pear: Woooah!

Apple: Great! There's 2 of you?

Orange: Whoa, that guy looks just like me!

Orange #2: Nuhu! You look just like me.

Orange: Nuhu! You look just like me!

Orange #2: Nuhu! You look just like-

Apple: KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!!

Marshmallow: Oh, Boy! Twice as much Orange means twice as much fun! YYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midget Apple: Again! Am I the only 1 that read that warning label?

Orange: Huuuu? What are you talkin' 'bout?

Midget Apple: (groans a bit) Microwave puls Burrito, equals time machine!! It brought us here to the future!

Apple: OK! So you're from the future, then why didn't the future me come back with you?

Orange: Oh that's easy, it's 'cause yo-

Pear: ON VACATION! Yep! Yep! Someplace really nice and to and fun...

Orange: Huuuu, what are you tal-

Midget Apple: Orange, you can't tell him what happens, it could change the past and, "As a result!" The future!

Pear: Right, so don't mention the K-N-I-F-E, OK?

Orange #2: The Kuh-Niff-Ie? What's a Kuh-Niff-Ie?

Apple: That's knife you idiot, he's not supposed to mention the WAIT A SECOND! I'm gonna get knifed?

Pear: OK, Uh, It's been fun but we Uh, We should get goin', Huuu, Guys?

Burrito: Yeah-yeah-yeah, Gimme a minute, homes, I'm a little new to this!

Orange #2: What's a matter: You need a time out?

Orange: (oranges laughing) That's what, I was going to say! (rapid zaps and beeps)

Apple: Wait, take me with you! You can't just leave me here! (poofs)

Orange #2: Whoa!! Hey, Hey, Apple!

Apple: (pants)

Orange #2: Hey Hey Apple Hey!

Apple: (pants) NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! (Knife rolls to evade Apple's)

Orange #2: Whoa, That guy really knows how to roll! (laugh) Hey! Pear!

Pear #2: Oh, God...

("2012" future bright rapid, zaps noise)


Orange and Pear: Woooah!

Orange: The future really's bright! (Laughs)

Pear: Phaw! We are back, I just hope everything's the same way we left it-


Pear: Oho, this is-

Midget Apple: So, awesome!

Marshmallow: YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midget Apple: There's Apple everywhere!

Orange: Hey, Hey, Apples, Hey, Apples, Hey!

(record scratches)

Apple #3: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Apples: (screaming)

Orange: (apples continues screaming) Yep! They're Apples, alright!

Midget Apple: (apples keep screaming) Hey! It's OK, guys! Everyone just calm down!

Apple #6: (apples screaming) It's a Midget Apple!!

Orange: (apples continues screaming) Hey, knock it off, only we get to call Midget Apple a Midget Apple!

Midget Apple: (apples keep screaming) Geez! Thanks, Orange!

Pear: (apples keep screaming) What's wrong with 'em?! Why're they freakin' out?!

Grandpa Lemon: (apples continues screaming) I can tell you why...

Grandpa Lemon: (apples screaming stop) 'Cause a long time ago, they took our kitchen...

Orange: Whoa, Grandpa Lemon!

Grandpa Lemon: Wh--, Whhaa-Where?...

Grapefruit: Yeah! And those of us that weren't destroyed, by the robo apple were enslaved...

Pear: Wait! Did you say Robo Apple?

Robo Apple: (voice): Intruder alert, intruder alert, unauthorized produce, put your hands in the air!

Orange: But...we don't have any hands?

Apple: Good work, Robo Apple, (Robo Apple's hands air in at) NOW FIRE AT WILL!!

Robo Apple: (voice): Yes, your eminence!

(Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, and Midget Apple screams at zapping lazers hand put your air)

Robo Apple: (voice): (laughs)


Burrito: Don't worry Pear! This little doggy is ready to ride! (And zaps and beeps, Burrito laughs, Marshmallow laughs, poofs, Orange and Marshmallow speaking)

Apple: Wait, take me with you! You can't just leave me here!

(zaps noise, poofs with you leave here, Apple's knife doggy ride this little)


Orange and Pear: Woooah!

Apple: Ugh. Yes you came back.

Orange: Hey, Hey, It's Apple!

Apple: (groan) We covered that! Now get me outta here!

Orange #2: HEY, HEY, APPLE!!

Apple: Shut up!!!

Orange: Me, over here!

Orange #2: Listen, to me!

Orange: Apple!

Orange #2: No!

Apple: Stop!!!

Orange: Hey! Apple! Apple! Apple!

Oranges: Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple! Apple!


Oranges: Knife!

Apple: (got sliced and screaming)

Orange #2: Uuuuuh! That really looks like it hurts!

Orange: See? I told you that, Apple, was rotten to the core! (laugh)

Midget Apple: Alright, neato burrito! Beam us back! TO THE FUTURE!!!

(rapid zaps and beeps, beam us back future)

Orange: (groaning) But I wanted to...(poofs future Pears' at) Woooah! That was crazy! Phaw! Looks like everything's normal in the kitchen again...(sighs) Hey! Hey, Pears!

Pear #4: Oh.

Pear #9: Oh.

Pear #5: God.

Pear #6: God. (end credits rolls)

Orange: Hey, your an Apple! What's wrong, Banana? You don't look like you're peelin' very, well! (laughs)

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