Orange: Hey, you guys know what sounds weird? Eggnog!

Pear: Eggnog?

Orange: Yeah, nog! What's a nog?

Grapefruit: Nog? You mean like noggin?

Pear: No, nog, like-like"fog! Or bog!"

Orange: NOG!!

Grapefruit: No, no, it's like the nog that's found inside of an egg, it's got a lot of protein!

Orange and Pear: Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Eggnog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog, Nog...

(Sounds sun weird, Orange to Pear and Midget Apple)

Midget Apple: Hey guys!

Pear: Uhhhh... why are you outrageously bright?

Midget Apple: Oh, well, this happens every time I take a bath! It'll wear off! We talking 'bout eggnog over here?

Orange: Woooah! I can still see you with my eyes closed!

Grapefruit: That little twerp is making my eyes bleed!

Pear: Seriously, it's like staring at the sun!

Marshmallow: Oh, no, I'm melting! (screams)

Midget Apple: Geez, sorry guys, I guees I'll just go away...

(Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Pear and Orange singing Christmas Santa)

Midget Apple: HEY!!

Santa: (laughing) Merry Christmas!

(End credits rolls)

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