Marshmallow: Yay! I wish every day was vacation day.

Midget Apple: Me too, littie buddy. Heck, I wish we would've been on vacation was sooner.

Orange: Don't you mean schooner? (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groans) Hey, Orange.

Orange: What's the matter, Midget Apple? You're looking kind of "stern." (laughs)

Midget Apple: Hasn't this guy heard of a vacation?

Orange: Nah, you guys gotta relax, but not like Pear. He really went overboard.

Pear: Ahh, finally. Peace and quiet.

Orange: Hey! Hey, Pear! Hey!

Pear: (sighs) No, just ignore him. You're on vacation.

Orange: Hey, Pear! Hey, hey Pear!

Pear: What? What? What?

Orange: Marco!

Pear: No, don't--

Orange: Marco!

Pear: Oh, come on!

Orange: Marco. Marco. Marco. Marco. Marco. Marco. Marco.

Pear: Polo, Polo, Polo!

(Orange laughs)

Pear: Now would you leave me alone?!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Pear!

Pear: What?!

Orange: Duck.

Pear: (screaming)

(title card)

Pear: Hey, I've never seen one before, okay? I mean, come on. Why would anybody want a duck made of rubber?

Orange: Ah, don't worry, Pear. It's nothing to get "quacked" up about. (laughs)

Midget Apple: Check it out. There's a rope tied to this duck. I wonder where--

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr, ships ahoy!

Pear: Huh?

Cookie #1: I think he's talking to us.

Cookie #2: Yeah, we get that a lot.

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Fire!

(cookies yell)

Midget Apple: Whoa!

Marshmallow: Whoa!

Pear: Whoa!

Orange: Hey! You dunked my cookies.

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr, and there will be worse to come if'n you don't release me scoutin' vessel.

Midget Apple: Ah... you mean the ducky?

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Ay, me ducky.

Orange: Hey! Hey, Captain Blueberry Beard, hey!

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr, 'tis I.

Orange: Oh... so that's actually your name?

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr.

Pear: Hey, it had to happen eventually.

Pirate Captain Blueberry: I be the fiercest mist dangerous pirate in all the high seas.

Midget Apple: Uh... you mean the bathtub?

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Ay, now tell me what manner of treasure have ye on board.

Pear: Treasure? We don't have any treasure.

Pirate Captain Blueberry: You think me a fool? If'n you had no treasure, then be you sailin' with a naval orange?

Orange: Naval? I'm not the one that looks like a bellybutton. (laughs)

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr!

(cannon blasts)

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Shiver me timbers, who be firin' now?

Blueberry: Uh, sorry sir. I thought you said "fire."

Pirate Captain Blueberry: No, I said "Yarr."

(cannon blasts)

Blueberry Pirate: Sir, it really sounds a lot like "fire."

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr, I... I mean... to the plank, the both of ya.

Blueberry: Come on, Buttery!

(laughter, amused cheers)

Pirate Captain Blueberry: You mutinous dogs. The plank not be for funnin', it be for plunderin'.

Orange: Hey, hey Captain Moldychin, know why you live on a ship?

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr?

Orange: Because you're travel-sized. (laughs)

Blueberry Pirate: Oh no, here we go.

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Yarr! No man, fruit, or vegetable cracks wise about me size. Navy or not, I'll peel you faster than a scurvy-crazed sailor.

Orange: Well, whatever floats your boat. (laughs)

Pirate Captain Blueberry: Prepare to be boarded!

Pear: Uh, guys?

(ship crumbling)

Pear: This is not good.

Orange: I know, I hate being "bored."

Midget Apple: I told you we should've gotten a banana boat.

Midget Apple: seriously ive got an awful headache

Marshmallow: yyyaaay i just asked a new friend to come back to the kitchen with us AND HE SAID YES, YYYAAAAAYYYY!

Pear:uuuuu... marshmallow you know the rubber ducky is well just rubber right

Marshmallow: hehhehehe whatever you say, pear heheeheehehehehe

Rubber Ducky: (wink!)

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