(A princess dragon growls he, Orange laughs)

Orange: (singing) HAHAHAHA!

Pink Pig: Oh, come on! It's been a long day!

Orange: Hey! Hey blue pig! What did it feel like when the wolf blew your straw house down?

Blue Pig: What do you think? Oink.

Orange:I bet it sucked! (laughs)

Blue Pig: Hardy har har! At least we're safe now!

Green Pig: That's right, ain''t no wolf getting into my brick house!

Orange: Hey, hey pigs hey pigs hey!

Pigs: WHAT?!

Orange: [WolfWolf. (pigs too into a carmera)


Orange: WHOA! I guess they shouldn't have dozed off! (laughs)

Orange: Hey, hey Jack, look what I can do! (babbling)

Jack: Do you mind?

Orange: No not at all! HAHAHA!

Jack: Please!He'll hear you.

Orange: Yeesh! Sounds like you have got a real "stalker!" HAHAHA!

Jack: I implore you!

Orange: Are you worried he's gonna cook your goose? (laughs) Hey hey Jack!

Jack: What?!

Orange: Orge.

(Orge he me and screams.)

Orange: Awwww. Quit your harping. (laughs)

Cover: What? I didn't say anything!

Orange: AHHHMMMAHHMMMAHHHHM! Aw. No more beardcrumbs and... I'm still hungry! If I'd known I had to buy lunch, I would've brought more dough! HAHAHA!

Hensel: Oh, no! You ate our trail home! We'll be lost!

Orange: WOW! Sounds like a crumby situation! Hahahahaha!

Gretel: Well, never make it out of the forest now! You have doomed us, you stupid mango!

Orange:Nuh-huh! There''s a bunch of paths! Just pick one! You could go north, west, south, or peast! HAHAHA!

Hensel: I guess well, go that way!

Orange: Which?

Hensel: That way!

Orange: Which?

Hensel: That way you stupid mango!

Orange: No, which! (Laughs, Hensel and Gretel screams too still water house) I guess that's how the cookie crumbles! (laughs) I'm still hungry!

(A princess dragon growls he, Orange laughs)

(End credits rolls)

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