"Annoying Orange: Orange Goes Hollywood"
Episode 88
AOOGH title card
Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Eggplant, The Cobs, Broccoli, and Russel
Airdate: July 29, 2011
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Orange Goes Hollywood is the 88th episode of The Annoying Orange series.


Orange: Hey, hey Egghead! Hey!

Eggplant: I told you, it's Eggplant!

Orange: What? You can't be an egg in a plant at the same time!

Eggplant: I'm not made of eggs!

Orange: That's overeasy for you to say. (laughs)

Eggplant: Man, SHUT YOUR MOUTH, MAN!! Come on!

Orange: Hey, hey Egghead!

Eggplant: What, what?!

Orange: Knife!

(Dane sliced an eggplant)

Orange: Jeez, Egghead really got scrambled! (laugh) Ooh, owww.

(The truck appeared, and the corns jumps out of the vehicle)

Cob #1: Did you see that?

Cob #2: Ah, that was totally--

Cob #1: Brilliant!

Cob #2: Oh, yeah! Yeah, brilliant!

Orange: Wow, now that's a earful! (laughs)

Cob #1: That's it! The puns, the jokes, the comedic timing, you're perfect!

Orange: Nuh-uh, I'm an orange!

Cob #1: Oh, no, you're not.

Orange: I'm not?

Cob #1: You, my friend, are gonna be a star!

(title card)

Pear: Dude, I can't believe they want you to be a movie star!

Midget Apple: Yeah! Do you think you could get me a part in your movie?

Orange: Okay! But, only if it's a little part. (laughs)

Midget Apple: (groan) I really set myself up for that one.

Cob #1: Okay, Orange, before we start production on your feature, we need to ingress a few things.

Orange: Why? Are you sending me fam-nail, already? (laughs)

Cob #2: (laugh) No. We just need a couple of mind of changes.

Orange: Like what?

Cob #1: Well, for starters. The hair.

Orange: You like it? I style it, myself. (laughs)

Cob #2: Bieber Fever is the new bandemick, and we audiences will really respond to a similar 'do.

Cob #1: Here you go, buddy!

(Cob throws Justin's hair on top of Orange)

Orange: What the?

The Cobs: Love it!

Orange: Ugh. It looks like a dog seeding my head.

Cob #1: Now, let's work on that voice.

Orange: Okay. (barking)

Cob #1: (laugh) No.

Cob #2: Our studies indicate the people like Brittish accents, more than any other.

Cob #1: Yes! We need a Brittish accents!

Orange: Fight out, Gumnut! Why didn't you just say so? Jilly-O! (laughs)

Cob #2: Oh, that is so great!

Cob #1: Ehh, not so much.

Cob #2: That's totally what I was thinking. Maybe, we can just stump it.

Cob #1: Oh, we can get Russel brands.

The Cobs: Love it!

Orange: I don't know, guys.

Cob #1: Really not feeling this location.

Cob #2: Me neither, me neither. Oh, I've got it!

Cob #1: What do you get?!

Cob #2: A tropical island!

Orange: You hear that, guys?! We're going to a tropical island! YAAAAAYY!!

(The screen of tropical island backgrounded Orange)

Orange: Ohhhh.

Cob #2: Now, let's meet your new cast!

Cob #1: Say, "Hello" to Broccoli! He's your new bad boy best friend!

Broccoli: Yo, call me "Broc", bro!

Pear: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. I'm Orange's best friend!

Cob #2: Yeah, that's what they all say.

Cob #1: Oh, and check out your new little buddy! It's Russel the Brussel!

Russel: Nitto-berito.

Midget Apple: Hey! That's my catchphrase!

Cob #2: Hey, quiet down! I'm trying to intruduce the new fruits!

Pear: But, those guys aren't even fruits!

Orange: What's the matter, guys? Don't you wanna veg out? (laughs)

(Cob throws the sunglasses to Orange)

Orange: Hey!

Cob #1: Oh, those lenses look great!

Cob #2: The hip stars are gonna--

The Cobs: --Love it!

Pear: Oh, come on! Orange, don't you see what's happening, here?

Orange: Sort of. But, everything looks kinda blury, now.

Midget Apple: (groan) Not the glasses.

Pear: Look, Orange, you're not perfect. But, nobody is. We've all got flaws. But, that's ecsaccly what makes us special.

Orange: Um, yeah, I guess.

Cob #1: Don't listen to them, Orange! They're just jealous!

Cob #2: Yeah, we're not the bad guys. We're just trying to make you better.

Orange: You're trying to make me butter?

Cob #2: Better.

Orange: Butter?

Cob #1: Better!

Orange: Butter?!

The Cobs: Better!

Orange: Yeah, Butter!!

The Cobs: Huh?!

(Dane grabs the corn cobs)

Orange: Aaahh!

(Dane spreads butter to the right corn)

Cob #2: Eww! Get it off, get it off, get it off!

Orange: It could be worse! But, at least it's not margerine! (laugh)

(Dane spreads to the left corn)

Cob #2: (screaming)

Cob #1: What's wrong with you?! Don't you know who I am?!

Orange: Yeah, you better leave him alone! He's got more kernals, and an army! (laughs)

(Dane takes the plate, and he eats the left corn)

Cob #1: Oh, god! Stop! Stop!

Orange: Oh, well, I guess that means there won't be a sequal.

Pear: Ah, don't get down on yourself, Orange. Besides, I don't think being a star is always cracked up to be.

(Midget Apple starts the truck, and he turned on the music)

Pear: What the? Little Apple!

Midget Apple: What? I didn't hear anybody called dems. (laughs)

Orange: (laughs)

(End rolls)

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