"Annoying Orange: Pain-apple"
Episode 21
Characters: Orange, Pineapple, and Pear (ending cameo)
Airdate: May 7, 2010
Episode Reference: Pineapple
Episode Guide
"Wazzup 2: Wasssabi"

Pain-apple is the 21st episode in the Annoying Orange series. This short episode features a pineapple.


(title card)

Orange: Orange, orange, orange, orange, orange. What ryhmes with orange? Hmmmm...

(Dane put the pineapple on the counter)

Pineapple: Hey, hey, watch the hair, bud! It took me months to get it to look like this!

Orange: Whoa, what are you?

Pineapple: Oh, hey. I'm a pineapple?

Orange: What? You don't look like an apple!

Pineapple: Well, I'm--I'm not. I'm a pineapple.

Orange: Heh, quite a long face. (laughs)

Pineapple: That's rude. I'm a pineapple. At least, he found--

Orange: You're a half apple! Like, an apple cross with a pine tree! (laughs)

Pineapple: No, that's not how it works.

Orange: Hey, what's with those knives on your head?

Pineapple: That's my hair.

Orange: Oh, so it's there?

Pineapple: Where?

Orange: Hair.

Pineapple: What?

Orange: There. Hair.

Pineapple: Yes, that's--that's what I said! Wh-what are you doing?

Orange: There ryhmes with hair! (laughs)

Pineapple: Okay, stop.

Orange: So as air, and bear, care--

Pineapple: Okay, stop! That's getting really annoying!

Orange: --Stair, mare, fair, hair--

Pineapple: Stop, stop, stop!!

Orange: (laughs)

Pineapple: You know what else ryhmes with hair? Nair. And, it looks like you're very familiar with it, baldy!

(record scratches)

Orange: Wow, you really are an apple!

Pineapple: I am not! I'm a pineapple! I'm not even realated! I don't grow on trees, and--

Orange: You're an apple!

Pineapple: (growl) God, you were so iretating!

Orange: I'm not iretating! I'm an orange!

Pineapple: (sigh)

Orange: Hey, Apple!

Pineapple: I'm not talking to you.

Orange: Knife.

Pineapple: I've already told you, these--these are not knives!

Orange: No, Knife!

Pineapple: This is my hair. I spike them up to look cool, and it's something you can't do, because you are--

(Dane sliced Pineapple's hair off)

Pineapple: (screaming)

(Pineapple's hair flew off to Orange)

Orange: Whoa, look who's the baldy, now?!

(Dane flips the pineapple down, he sliced Pineapple in half, and Pineapple continues screaming)

Orange: Pineapple? Which more like Pain-apple. (laughs) Ow!

(black screen shows)

(Dane puts the plate of Pineapple rings on the counter)

Orange: (laughing)

Pineapple: Someone help me.

Orange: Hey, Apple! I don't mean to stair, but you're looking worse for wear. (laughs)

Pineapple: Orange, you are sick.

Orange: You know what else ryhmes with hair? You do, Pear!

Pear: Leave me out of this.

(End rolls)


Dane Boedigheimer as Orange, and Pear

Zack Scott as Pineapple



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