(Magic Mirror shows outside and Orange)

Orange: Mirror, Mirror on the wall, Do you want to hear my bird call? CCAW-CCAW! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: (groans) Uuuuu! Leave me be, I'm busy! Can't you see?!

Orange: Yeah! Busy reflectin'! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: NO, Silly Fruit, I'm workin' for the Queen, I'm tryin' to fi......

Orange: A unicorn spleen?

Magic Mirror: What?!

Orange: A fish wearin' jeans?

Magic Mirror: Nnnno!

Orange: (gasps) OOOOHHHHH, I know, a fartin' bean!

Magic Mirror: (angrilly): Silenceeeeeee!!!

Orange: What? I'm just tryin' to help!

Magic Mirror: My rhymes don't need an assiet...besides...those things don't even exist!

Orange: Tell that to those guys!

Unicorn Spleen: Don't exist EUUUUUU, this comin' from a talkin' Mirror!

Farting Bean: You tell him, Greg! (farting)

All: (laughing) Ha-ha-ha!

Orange: That guy's a real pain in the gas! (laugh) Ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: (grunt) UUUHAAAAGGHH! Such fustration! You're not helpin', "My Situation!"

Orange: Oh, I know that's wrong, you don't have any phat beats to go with your rhymes!

Magic Mirror: What? No! (record scratche, music playing wearing Orange's) STOP!

Orange: C'mon, you're not rhymin'!

Magic Mirror: No, stop it!!! (music playing stops)

Orange: HAHAHA! Jeez, someone's being a real pain in the glass! HAHAHA!

Grapefruit: You just used that joke, PulpForBrains!

Orange: (blows raspberry) Whatever. McChubby.

Grapefruit: That's McChubby!

Magic Mirror: (grunting) UHGHGHGHG... LISTEN! What the queen? Asked requires the greatest wisdom, I must find the most poisonous apple in the kingdom!

Orange: Wait, who's in the what now?

Magic Mirror: I've to get a poisonous apple for Snow White to eat, I can't find 1, OK?! Do you get it now?!

Orange: Why didn't you say so? There's 1 right here!

Magic Mirror: WUAH-wahh-uah-really?!

Poison Apple: Holey moley-is it hot-in here?

Magic Mirror: What, what's it?!

Orange: It's what you wanted: A Moisoned Apple.

Poison Apple: Seriously, guys! It's so hot that Squirrels are Pourin' Ice Water on thier Nuts!

(record scratches) (Squirrels pouring ice water on thier nuts screen cuts to two)

Squirrel: What, is there a problem? We like cold acorns!

Magic Mirror: I don't mean to be cruel, (angrilly): but I said a Poison Apple, you fool!

Orange: Oh I get it! Well how 'bout that 1?

Midget Apple: Don't get too close to me, I don't feel very good! Ahh-Ah-Ahhhh-AHH-CHOOOOOO!!!!!!

Magic Mirror: This is most outragous, that Midget Apple isn't poisonous, he's merely contagous!

Midget Apple: That's L-ah-ah-ah-choo!!!!!!

Orange: Whoa, Gazunt Midget! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Midget Apple: (groans) Ugh!!

Magic Mirror: Ugh, the time draws near, I will never find a Poison Apple, I fear!

Orange: Steer-clear to deer that pokes you in the ear. (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: Please stop, "Before I Blow My Top!"

Orange: Oh, want to flop and shop, for a mop, at a truck, stop? (laughs) Ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: (angrilly): WOULD YOU, BE QUIET!!!!?????!!!!!

Orange: Please, Eat a Balanced Diet! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha! (then and shrieks in fear)

Poison Apple: Guys, I don't mean to inturput, but seriously, "Can We Turn On A Fan Or Somethin'?"

Magic Mirror: Quiet! You wet fruit, (cries): since I've failed, will cerntanly get the boot!

Orange: Yeah! And besides, snow's comin' anyway!

Poison Apple: Really? That sounds wonderful!

Orange: No, not Snow, Snow!

Poison Apple: Wait...What?!

Orange: Snow white!

Snow White: Ohh! A delicous Apple!

Poison Apple: (eat of a munching)

Snow White: Awwwww, I don't feel so good...

(Snow White's falls crushes to the floor)

Orange: Whoooa! Looks like snow white's a real flake! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: Oh, my, I was wrong! That Apple was Poisonous all along! (chuckles) Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Orange: Well, he was an Apple! (laugh) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Magic Mirror: The Queen will be Thrilled, her wish has been Fufiled!

Orange: 'Cause snow white has been chill! (laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha! (Magic Mirror growls, is in disco Orange's again, music playing) Hippities, hoppities, waka waka woo! Midget Apple.

Midget Apple: Ahh-choo!

Orange: Hahaha, break it down!

Midget Apple: AH-CHOO, AH-CHOO, AH-CHOO!

Magic Mirror: (screams) Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

(don't exist dance, breaks and is shattered all over the caslte floor)

(End credits rolls)

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