Rolling Pin Edit

Orange: (singing): Luuuuuke, luuuuuke, I'm an Orange... (laughing) (drops the dough cutting) WHOA! It's jabba the hut!

Dough: Jabba the-what now? No, I...I... think you'r-

Orange: All mixed up?! Nope! That's you Jabba! (laughing)

Dough: Ugh, I feel like I pulled a muscle in there.

Orange: Hey! Hey Doughboy!

Dough: What, what?

Orange: Did you lick the beaters, or did the beaters lick you? (laughing)

Dough: Oh, would you just shut up?

Orange: Yeah! I guess that's the yeast I can do! (laughing)

Dough: Uuuuuuuuu!

Orange: Hey! Hey Doughboy!

Dough: Hey, can it Fruit For Brains!

Orange: Hey Doughboy!

Dough: WHAT?!

Orange: Rolling Pin! (Daneboe rolls the dough with a rolling pin, and screaming) WHOA!! Well that's just flat out wrung! (laughing) (maniacally groanter)

Oven Edit

Orange: Hey! Have you tried wigglin'?

Tin: Well, of course I's no use I'm...STUCK!!

Orange: Hey! What if we greased you in better?

Tin: I'm greased in butter!

Orange: Uh, "Too Much Information Dude!"


Orange: Hey! Hey! What's going on over t-(Daneboe as the door opens) Oho!

Tin: What, what's it?

Orange: Uuuuuummmm...nothing.

Tin: That didn't sound like nothing! (Orange laughing as the Daneboe carried, and Tin's) OHHHH! DAO! DAAAH! DAH, MOUTH! HOT, IT IS HOOOTT! OH, MY! GOOD!

Knife Edit

Orange: Yuck. You should take a shower! You look, a crusty! (laughing)

Loaf: If by crusty you mean golden brown! (laughing) I tell you, Orange. That oven was the best thing that ever happened to me! I feel firm, I can take on the world!

Orange: Mmmmmmmmm...I dunno. You look like a loafer to me! (laughing)

Loaf: You think I'm full of hot air? Huh?


Loaf: Huh?

(Loaf and Orange laughing)

Orange: Knife! (Loaf's got sliced and screams, groans in pain, knifed he is as has screams) Oh, don't worry, Loaf!! I'm sure that will Heel! (laughing)

Loaf: This is gonna hurt! (Loaf's faces falls) NO, MY FACE!!!

Orange: Ooooo, ooooww!

Loaf: NO, MY...FACE...

Knife! Again. Edit


Orange: Stupid heel, where'd he go?

Heel: DAH, MO-(Put on a plate on the counter) (growls) Can'!

Orange: Whoa! Dude! I think your toast! (laughing)

Heel: Oh, this is not good...

Orange: Man, your really havin' a crummy day! (laughing)

Heel: Is it hot in here or is it just me...?...

Orange: I don't know, let's ask Butter!

Butter: (Daneboe got sliced screamed, Orange groans ask, faces as he half) MY FACE, MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!! NHOHOHOHOOOO!

Orange: Talk 'bout a smear campaign! (laughing)

Heel: (angrilly): SHUT UP!!!!!

Orange: Jeez, it's not like I'm tryin' to butter you up or anythin'! (laughing as Heel growls)

Heel: (angrilly): SHUT UP!!!!!

Orange: Ummmm...hey, hey, Heel!

Heel: (angrilly): WHAT?!?!

Orange: Knife, again! (Heel got sliced and screaming, Orange groans in agony, away on the plate) Oh, poor Jabba the Loaf Heel, I really liked him, I'd send him flowers, but they're already here! Hey, Hey, Flours!

Flour Sack #1: Make it stop...(end credits rolls)

Orange: So, then I said! The only way to stop him is with Flour Power! (laughing)

Flour Sack #1: Kill me now...

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