Oranges: Woo whoo bal! BBal-bal! Bal-ba-boom-boom! Ma ka em! Mak cl du!

Orange: Da mak ma?

Orange #2: Oh ma ma k a eh kak 1!

Orange: Ma-ma-ma-ma! Ma mak mak mak doom ja!

Orange #2: All aehe blah hea! Balhbb-jawow! BOOM BOOM!

Orange: (screams)

Orange #2: Moo whoo?

Orange: Uhhh.. Nyanyanyanya...

Orange #2: (laughing) (laughing)

Oranges: (laughing)

Orange #2: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr... HAHAHAHA!

Orange: Nyah!

Orange #2: Gd wk eh yo!


Oranges: (babbling) (laughing)

(Oranges talking baby)

Oranges: (fluttering lips) (laughing)

Marshmallow: YAY!! Best video ever!

Marshmallow, Orange #2 and Orange: (laughing)

(end credits rolls)

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