Ham: Hey there, everybody! It's Ham Williams Jr. here! And I wanna know..? Are you ready for some Fruit Bowl?!! (boom!)

Orange: WHOOOOOHO!! I guess nobody told him he getting fired! (Laugh)

Pear: Hello and welcome to the 46th aunnel Fruit bowl!

Orange: That's XLVI in Italian!

Pear: It's gonna be a heck of a match up today, as the new england plantains take on the new york giapples, let's check in with our lifeline to the sideline, Little Apple!

Orange: Hey, that's midget apple!

Midget Apple: That's right Pear! We are just moments away from the kickoff! And the tension is so thick! You can cut it with a...(Orange and Pear appears) ...knife!

Orange and Pear: (Screams)

Midget Apple: (laughs) Just kidding! The only one who has to worry about anything is this guy!

(Midget Apple's delivery ball)

Midget Apple: Meet this year's Fruit ball: "Oh sure he looks fine now." But just wait until the game is over ohhh, ohhhh, ahhhhhhhh!

Orange: Game on.


Pear: OH! That's gotta hurt!

Orange: Let's see the instant replay! (Midget Apple's slomo kick screams) Talk about putting a foot in your mouth! (Laughs)

Pear: Meanwhile! It's third and fifteen for the giapples!

Orange: Well pear. It looks like they're gonna have to coming up with something big!

Hike: 1-2-depra, depra, hike!

Pear: And there's the snap!

Midget Apple: Put me down already! I'm not a bawhoawhoawhoa! (screams kick off)

Pear: Interception!

Orange: Wooooah! So this is all a dream?

Pear: No interception! And what's this? Touchdoooown!

Orange: Whoah! Midget Apple got planted! (Laughs)

Pear: It's awfully hard to pass on these plantains!

Orange: I'm not surprised, Midget Apple always comes up short! (Laughs)

Pear: It's fourth and long for the giapples and they're going for it! (Midget Apple's kick off the phone) Back to pass. Oh it's a handoff! Oh! MIDGET APPLE'S LOOSE!

Orange:Woho! It's a rumble for the fumble!

Midget Apple: (screams) Red light touch, RED LIGHT TOUCH! (screams)

Pear: And the Plantains have it!

Orange: I wonder where they found the energy to do that!

Pear: Well orange, it looks like somebody is been drinkin' ZOOM! The official beverage of fruit bowl XLVI!

Orange: Everything's faster with ZOOM!

Pear: That's right Orange! It's so fast the first half's already over! (Orange's be a good time to get to) It's time to check out the star of our halftime show, give it up for...Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarshmallow!

Marshmallow Happy Birthday: (singing): Like a marshmallow, Whoo! Hot and sweet inside! Like a maaarshmallow! On a unicorn, watch me fly! Hehehehehe!

(Ham Williams Jr. I am not sure if you have received this message splatting Marshmallow Happy Birthday)

Ham: Someone wanna tell me what unicorns have to do with FruitBall?

Ham and Marshmallow Happy Birthday: (fires unicorn scream)

Pear: Whoa! Talk about a wardrode malfunction!

Orange: Uhhhhh. That sure wasn't kosher. (Laughs)

Pear: And the second half is underway!

Midget Apple: Oh no! Did I miss Madonna?

(The life is not the intended screams, kick off the phone with me Orange's)

Orange: Midget Apple sure got a kick out of that! (Laughs)

(FruitBall players grunts too, Midget Apple's delivery options for)


Orange: Woho! Looks like there's a flag on the play!

Pear: Give it up for the refs for catching this one!

Grapefruit: Yep. That looks like spearing to me. TEN YARD PENALTY!!

Pear: Oh no! Bad news for the giapples! With only seconds left in the game, they're gonna need a miracle finish!

Hike #10: Gotta dig deep, fellas! Give it your all! Especially you!

Midget Apple: What? Now you're talking to me? For the last two hours, you thought I was a FruitBall!

Orange: Awwwww isn't that nice? They took some time out to cuddle! (Laughs)

Pear: It's a huddle not cuddle! And this is it, with a championship title on the line, here's the snap!

(Kick player and a half hour to get grunt, Orange's and Pear's and screams.)

Pear: Midget Apple's catchin' some serious air!

Midget Apple: (screaming)

Orange: Whoa! Talk about big blimping!

Midget Apple: ARE WE THERE YET?!?! (screaming)

Pear: Oh, it looks like he's finally coming back down!

Midget Apple: (screaming)

Pear: What's this?

Midget Apple: (screaming stop) OOF!!

Pear: OHH! He's on the crossbar! Which way is he gonna fall?!

Grapefruit: HE DID IT! The giapples win!

Orange: Wooho! The Plantains got peeled!

Pear: It's all over now, except for the crying!

Orange: Oh. And one more thing.

(crowd appears)

Orange: Trophy.

(More Trophy fruitball players scream and shout out to)

Grapefruit: I told you we needed a smaller Trophy! (End credits rolls)

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