Orange: Yo, I got fat beats! (Beatboxes and imitates record scratch, laughs) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! (Dane puts the hamburger on the counter.)

Hamburger: Hey! Get you paws off me, mister!

(Record scratches)

Orange: Wh-- Huh?!?

Hamburger: Oh, hey. What's up?

Orange: (screaming) Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Hamburger: Whoa! What's with all the screaming?

Orange: MONSTER! (screaming) Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Hamburger: Yeah. I'm not a monster. Hamburger.

Orange: Get away from me, monster!

(spitting seeds at the hamburger)

Hamburger: Ah, gross! Are you seriously spitting seeds at me, right now?!

Orange: I'll never let you destroy the kitchen!

(spitting seeds at the hamburger)

Hamburger: Bleh, destroy the what?

Orange: You'll never take me alive!!

(shooting hamburger with a machine gun)

Hamburger: AAH!! Oh! How does an orange have a gun?

Orange: (continues shooting) EAT LEAD, MONSTER!!

Hamburger: (screams) AAH, STOP IT!!

(Orange stops shooting.)

Hamburger: Okay. Are we calm, now? Can we just talk like normal--

(Orange was shooting a hamburger, Hamburger screams)

Hamburger: Knock it off!!!

Orange: (stops shooting) Sorry. Itchy trigger finger.

Hamburger: Jeez! What is with you?!

Orange: What? You look like a monster.

Hamburger: I'm not a monster. I told you, I'm a hamburger.

Orange: More like, "Monster Burger."

Hamburger: I'm not a monster!!! Cripes, is this how you treat all of your guest, scream, call them names, and then shoot at 'em?

Orange: Eeeeeehhhh. (In the flashback; Dane puts the peach on the counter.)

Peach: Yo! What's up, bro?

Orange: (screams) Aaaahh! It's a butt fruit!

(Orange grabs a machine gun and shoots at Peach. Peach was screaming. 'Aaaahhhhh!'. On the second flashback; Danes puts the grape on the counter.)

Grape: Ooooo! This place looks nice.

Orange: (screams) Aaaaah! It's a midget green alien!

(Orange grabs a machine gun and shoots at Grape'. Grape was screaming. 'Aaaaahhhhh!' On the third flashback; Danes puts the ugli on the counter.)

Ugli: Hello, friend.

Orange: (screams) Aaaaaaaaahhhh! It's an ugly fruit! (record scratches)

Ugli: Yeah. You're right. I am an ugli fruit.

Orange: Oh. (waited and grabs the machine gun and shoots at ugli.)

(Ugi was screaming 'Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!'. And then the flashback ends.)

Orange: Yeah, right. I would never do that. (nervous laugh) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Hamburger: Fff. Yeah, I'm sure.

Orange: So then, you're not gonna eat me, Monster Burger?

Hamburger: Bro, I'm a hamburger. How many time do I have to tell you?

Orange: Hamburger? Do you park in the porking lot? (laughing) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Hamburger: Puns? Really?

Orange: Ha! I bet you do things really full boar. (laughing) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Hamburger: Ugh! Those puns don't even make sense! I'm made of beef, not ham!

Orange: Wait. Monster Burgers are made of beef? Sounds like bovine intervention. (laughing) Ha-ha-ha!

Hamburger: (laughing) Huhuhuhu, shut it! Listen, If I have to tell you; one more time and I'm not a monster, I'm gonna hit you so hard, Chuck Norris would be impressed!

Orange: Violence won't solve anything.


Orange: Self defence.

Hamburger: Self de-- (growl) Good lord, you're annoying!

Orange: I'm not annoying, I'm an ora--

Hamburger: Let me guess, ORANGE! HA! Freaking hilarious! Yeah!

Orange: Okay, okay. If you're not a monster, then what are you?

Hamburger: I told you: Hamburger! Meat, then I got a bunch of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and other stuff in here.

(record scatches)

Orange: HUUUUH?!!

Hamburger: What?

Orange: You ate lettuce, cheese, and tomato alive?!!

Hamburger: (groans) Ugh, no. I didn't actually eat--

Orange: You are a monster!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!

Hamburger: (Orange grabs the machine and shoots hamburger while, Hamburger screams.) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

Orange: You ate all the food in the kitchen, Monster Burger!!!

Hamburger: STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!

Orange: (Orange continues shooting hamburger while) Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Hamburger: STOP SHOOTING ME!!!!

Orange: (stops shooting) Well, stop eating my friends!

Hamburger: I didn't eat your friends! Just because I'm made of these things doesn't mean that I ate them! I'm not a monster! Just a hamburger! Get that through your thick peel!!!

(Orange was waiting, and Hamburger was panting while waiting.)

Orange: Um, hey.

Hamburger: WHAT?!!! WHAT IS IT?!!

Orange: Monster Burger!


Monster Burger: (Monster Burger appeared on the counter and roars) Roarrrrrrr!!

Hamburger: Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Orange: (reacts in disgust) Ewwwwww!

Hamburger: THE IRONY! AAH, HE'S KILLING ME!! AH-- (The monster burger ate the whole burger and swallows it.)

Orange: Whoa! That monster burger is really deranged. (laughing) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Monster Burger: What? I don't get it.

Orange: Oh. So, you're a hamburger. And hamburgers are made of beef. Beef  come from cows and cows hang out at a range. Get it? De-ranged?

Monster Burger: (gasps) Huuhhh! I get it!

Orange and Monster Burger: (Orange and Monster Burger were laughing) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(Orange grabs a machine gun and shoots at monster burger)

Orange and Monster Burger: (screams) Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

The End

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