Meteor Edit

Voice: Orange Through Time!

Orange: (laugh) ("145 MILLION YEARS AGO" Orange's and Dinosaurs's eat tree meteor) Hey, Hey, Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs: WHAT?

Orange: Meteor!

(dinosaurs meteor Orange's eat)

Dinosaurs: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lightning Edit

Orange: ("1752") Hey, Hey, Benjamin Franklin!

Benjamin: What's it already?

Orange: Lightning!

Benjamin: AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!

Orange: Oh!

Benjamin: AAAAAHH!!!!!!!!

Iceberg Edit

Orange: ("1912") Hey, Hey, Titanic, Titanic, Hey!

Titanic: What, what's it?

Orange: Ummmmm...I forget what I was gonna say...

Titanic: Oh well that's OK.

Orange: Oh, yeah!

(iceberg moves to)

Orange: Iceberg!

(iceberg crashes, says moves to what I was gonna, Titanic screams)

Voice: Orange Through Time!

Orange: (laugh) (end credits rolls)

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