"Annoying Orange Through Time 3"
Episode 93
Characters: Orange, Trojan, Horse, Moon, Man On The Moon, Cherries, George Washington, Pharoah, and Sphinx
Airdate: September 2, 2011
Episode Guide
"Naval Orange"

Annoying Orange Through Time #3 was the 3rd episode of Through Time, and was the 93rd episode of the Annoying Orange series. The extended version was on



(title card)

Voice: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

(in around 1200 BC)

Orange: Hey, hey Trojan!

Trojan: Yes?

Orange: Trojan! Hey, Trojan!

Trojan: WHAT?!

Orange: Horse!

(Screen show a Wee Pony)

Trojan: Ah-ha. But, he's, but a pony.

(A trojan horse appears off the door hitting Trojan out, and the soldiers appears charging)

(in 1969 at space)

Orange: Hey, hey Crater Face! Hey, Crater Face! Over here!

Moon: What?! What is it?!

Orange: Flag!

(Screen shows the man on the moon)

Man On The Moon: Yeah!

(The man on the moon stabs the moon with his flag)


Man On The Moon: America!

Orange: Whoa! That really is the man on the moon! (laughs)

(in 1775)

Orange: Hey, hey Cherry! Hey, Cherry, hey!

Cherry: What?! What do you want?!

Orange: George Washington!

(George Washington with an axe choped up the tree very hard, and the cherry tree falls down)

George Washington: I cannot tell a lie. I need a new set of densuice.

(Screen shows George Washington's teeth shiny)

(in around 800 AD)

Orange: Hey, hey Pharoah! Hey, Pharoah, hey!

Pharoah: Not now!

Orange: Pharoah! Hey, hey Pharoah!

Pharoah: (groan) What is it?!

Orange: Nose!

Pharoah: Huh?

(Sphinx's nose fell off to Pharoah to death)

Orange: Whoa! Looks like Sphinx needs a nose job! (laughs)

Sphinx: I guess, that makes two of us. (laughs)

Orange: (laughs, and sigh) Motorboat?

Sphinx: Sure.

(Orange and Sphinx does the motorboat)

(title card)

Voice: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

(End roll)

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