"Annoying Orange Through Time 4"
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Characters: Orange, Gladiator, Tigers, Maize, and Van Gogh
Airdate: October 3, 2011 (website), October 10, 2011 (YouTube)
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"Fake 'N Bacon"
"Microwave Effect"

Transcript Edit

(title card)

Dane Boedigheimer: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

Gladiator: Yeaaaaaaaaah!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Gladiator! Hey, Gladiator, hey!

Gladiator: Do you mind?! I'm reveling here!

Orange: Yeah, I bet you're really glad you won! (laughing)

Gladiator: (groan) That was awful!

Orange: Hey! Hey, Gladiator!

Gladiator: WHAT?!! WHAT IS IT??!!!!!

Orange: Thumb!

(falls down tigers by attacked, Gladiator's appears out the and very hard)

Orange: Hey, hey Corny Cob, hey Corny Cob, hey!

Maize: I told ya, I'm a maize!

Orange: Oh, sorry. You lost me there. (laughing)

Maize: (groan)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Corny Cob!

Maize: WHAT?!!

Orange: Pilgrims!

(The others scream got ate death down with pilgrims munches, arm points at to flex he)

Orange: Hey! Hey, Van Gogh! Hey, Van Gogh! Hey!

Van Gogh: I told ya! I'm not painting anymore fruit bowls!

Orange: Van Goooogh! Hey! Hey, Van Gogh!

Van Gogh: WHAT?!!

Orange: Knife.

(Knife slices death ate down, Van Gogh's ear ate and falls very hard)


Orange: Yeech! You should really Van Gogh to the hospital! (laughing) Eeeehh!

(title card)

Dane Boedigheimer: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

(end rolls)

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