A cat named Sheeba and her owner, Dan (a friend of Daneboe), play a nice game of Risk!....until Sheeba ruins it.


(a black cat named Sheeba is sitting on the couch with a neck collar, Dan walks in holding a board game)

Dan:Hey, Sheebs! I know your not feeling well and everything, so, I picked up a board game for us to play. (the board game is Risk) What do you think? (Sheeba frowns) Aw, come on. I'll let you be yellow. Let's go.

(Dan gets up and walks away, Sheeba follows him, in the background the theme song (banjo music) plays)

Dan:You gotta set up your troops. (Dan sets up his troops) Sheeba. These troops aren't gonna set themselves up. (Sheeba just sits, then comes over)

Dan:It's time to set up our troops. (Sheeba eats them) DUDE! (continues) Dude! That's my army, man! You can't move him there! What part of "yellow" don't you understand?! (rolls dice) A. Argentina. (Sheeba moves her troop to Argentina with her mouth) Are you kidding me? Seriously? You're not even gonna use your hands; You're gonna use your mouth? I saw you licking your butt earlier.

(Sheeba rolls 3 times)

Dan:You can't roll three times. That's not even how you play Risk. (Sheeba "rolls" again)

Dan:Wrong. That's not even how you play it! You're doing it all wrong!!! You're ruining the game! That's not- (Sheeba continues "rolling" her dice) You gonna cry about it? You're gonna play the game.

Dan:Whoa, Sheebs! You get a card! Here you go! (He hands Sheeba the card, nevertheless, she does nothing)

(She eats the card)

Dan: Sheeba, that's for the game. Don't eat it. Sheeba they only make- (groans) You realize I called in sick...for THIS?! That's not even how you play Risk;Have you read these rules?

(The episode ends,the screen goes black, Dan groans, Sheeba meows)

Dan:(offscreen) You're ready for Twister?!

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