Gummy Bears
AO Gummybears
Aliases/Nicknames Bears
Owner themselves
Gender Males
Portrayer Bobjenz
Friends/Allies each other
Enemies/Rivals Gummy Worms, Gums, Gumdrops, Orange
First Appearance Gumbrawl

Gummy Bears were character who appeared in Annoying Orange episode, Gumbrawl.


  • "Ah-ha! Not if we have anything to say about it, your not!"
  • "Prepare to eat dirt, you filthy worms!"
  • "Yeah, well, mock my words. The duscly is from the battlefield, and we'll be--"
  • "Come on! I was about to deliver a really cool line!"
  • "Oh, come on! They both had awesome entrance lines; you couldn't interupt those guys?!"
  • "(growls angrilly)"
  • "(yelling)"
  • "Can't move!"
  • "Yup."
  • "(screaming)"
  • "You know what this means. (extended version)"
  • "(yelling)"

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