"Halloween Pumpkin Scare"
Episode Halloween Pumpkin Scare
Characters: Two Pumpkins
Airdate: October 28, 2008
Episode Reference: Two Pumpkins tries to scare each other
Episode Guide


Pumpkin Jack: Hi. My name is Jack. And I'm here off of behalf of to bring you some safety tips for Halloween. Now, first, if you're gonna go trick- or- treating at night, you're gonna want to bring a flashlight, or some other light with you. You'll be able to see better, and others will be able to see you. If you're going to wear a mask, make sure you're able to see well out of it. We don't want you to trip and hurt yourself (another pumpkin is sneaking up behind Jack, trying to scare him). When you go out, stick to neighborhoods you're familiar with, and don't go trick-or-treating alone. Now, I know some of you are gonna want to play Halloween jokes on your friends and family. If you--

(the other pumpkin screams and scares Jack)


(Jack vomits seeds and pumpkin guts, the other pumpkin laughs)

Jack: Oh my God! You-you scared me!

Other should've seen your face. That was awesome.

Jack:Don't do that!

Other Pumpkin:Oh, I scared you so bad...

Jack:How would you like it if I scared you?

Other Pumpkin:Oh, whatever.

Jack:No, seriously; I'm gonna scare the Hell out of you.

Other Pumpkin:Pssht! You can't scare me.

(Jack's face transforms into a woman's face and giggles, the other pumpkin shrieks and violently vomits seeds and pumpkin guts everywhere)

Jack:Oh, that was crazy... Ugh, who's gonna clean up this mess?

(the screen turns black the girl giggles offscreen, the credits read "Happy Halloween! From Created by Daneboe".)

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