"Killer Kool Aid Valentine"
Episode or Video
Characters: Dane Boedigheimer, and Kool Aid Man
Airdate: February 7, 2008
Episode Guide

The Kool Aide Man is back to turn boring Valentines greeting into a killer one! Dane wants greet people for Happy Valentines Day, but Kool Aid Man appears, and he took Dane's heart, because Kool Aid Man wants to get Valentines for the real heart!


Dane: (talking to the audience) We all know that Valentines Day is about love. Well, we add wanna wish you, and all of your family members a very Happy Valentines--

(Kool Aid Man appears, and Dane falls down)

Kool Aide Man: Oh, yeah! You're doing it, all wrong!

Dane: (gets up) What the hells going on--

(Kool Aide Man grabs Dane's heart, and Dane dies)

Kool Aide Man: If you're gonna say Happy Valentines Day, it's gotta be from the heart!

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