"My Roommate Mario: Like a Boss"
Episode 3
My Roommate Mario Like a Boss
Characters: Mario, Dane Boedigheimer, Bowser
Episode Reference: 11 Apr 2013
Episode Guide
"My Roommate Mario: Super Mario Wee"
"My Roommate Mario: Touchy Mario"

My Roommate Mario: Like a Boss is the third episode of My Roommate Mario.

Summary Edit

Mario is teaching Cuddles, Daneboe's puppy, new tricks like fireball, and iceball. When Daneboe says he has to deal with his boss, but then, Mario shows him how to defeat him. Mario gives Daneboe a presentation about dealing with bosses including a giant boo, Ludwig Von Koopa, and Bowser in the Clown Car. Mario keeps on annoying Daneboe by talking about bosses as he hits his head with a keyboard, and he asks Mario is that it, and he replies yes. Then Mario says as long as he throws Bowser off the floating island or touch the axe behind him so he will fall into the lava. As Daneboe is about to leave to get to his interview, Mario gets out his mushroom to get Daneboe to power up before he faces the boss, and Daneboe tells Mario that he is not eating his mushrooms and he leaves. Oh well that was his choice, Mario says "His loss!' about Daneboe and he eats his mushroom anyways and he became giant which he accidentally broke the ceiling. Danube says that he needs a new roommate, goes over to King Headquarters, but finds Bowser inside saying "RESUME SHMESUME!! I AM BOWSER!!!!!" Daneboe says "Oh, crap." before Bowser eats him while roaring!

Quotes Edit

Mario: Hey boss, I'll handle this.

Daneboe: I really don't need the advice, thank you.Daneboe: No, I am not gonna do that!


Daneboe: Is that it!?

Mario: Yes!

Daneboe: Good.

Mario: As long as you throw him off the floating island or touch the ax behind him, so he'll fall into the lava.

Daneboe: That's it! I got to go. I got to get to this interview.

Mario: Good luck! [takes out his mushroom] And don't forget to power up right before you face the boss.


[slams the door]

Mario: Eh! His loss!

[eats his mushrooms anyways; blipping; grows gigantic and ceiling shatters loudly]

Mario: Uh oh! Not again!

Daneboe: I need a new roomate! What's up guys my name is Daneboe and this is my resume...

Bowser: Resume Shmesume! I am bowser!

Daneboe: Oh, crap!

Daneboe: Knock it off! I know you're trying to teach the dog new tricks but can you tone it down, please!? I got to work on this resume for today!

Mario: Resume shmesume! Just a bust in here and say, "it's a me, Daneboe!"

Daneboe: Yes! I know that works for you, but this is real life! I got a big meeting with a person at a movie studios so... (growls at Mario)

Mario: Someone big, eh? Like a boss?

Daneboe: It might be my boss once I get the job.

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