"My Roommate Mario: Touchy Mario"
Episode 4
My Roommate Mario Touchy Mario
Characters: Mario, Dane Boedigheimer and Dane's friend
Airdate: 27 Jun 2013
Episode Guide
"My Roommate Mario: Like a Boss"

My Roommate Mario: Touchy Mario is the fourth episode of My Roommate Mario.

Summary Edit

Mario is trying to get Daneboe's attention, but he is playing on an iPad. He thinks Daneboe is playing an old video game and thinks he needs a controller. But he tells him he using a touchscreen, so you can use your finger on the screen and it's been standard for like 5 years. He tells him to pick up the pace, because Mario was living back in the past. He thought Daneboe was playing a Nintendo DS or a Wii U. Daneboe tells Mario to be quiet because he is trying to beat a level. Mario believes that Daneboe is playing one of the old Mario classic games, but he tells him he is playing Angry Birds. Mario thinks he was playing Super Mario Angry Birds, but Daneboe tells him again that he's just playing Angry Birds. Mario was thinking of having more games that have Mario in it. Then Daneboe tells him that they don't make any of the Mario classic games for iPad. Mario was shocked about this and Daneboe tells him that they make a lot of games without Mario. Then Mario feels very sad, when he wakes up in the morning he was going to jump on this and jump on that. He also wants to make the little children happy in every video game and there are no more games that Mario will appear in. Suddenly Mario had an idea, he was thinking of giving the iPad a try. Daneboe was fine with that and hands it over to him. Then Mario was using a stylus marker to draw on it, Daneboe tries to explain to him that styluses don't work very well with iPads. Then he gives the iPad back to Daneboe with his unique drawing ANGRY MARIO BIRDS, much to Daneboe's dismay. Mario jumps in the air while cheering before hiding behind a couch. Daneboe tries to wipe the ink off the iPad, while Mario tells him "-No Mario's here. I'm a-just the couch." before going back to hiding. Then Daneboe's friend gasps and believes that Mario is on an iPad. While his friend was enjoying "Mario" he loves it. Daneboe feels disappointed about that, before Mario peeks up from the couch and says to him "I told you it needed more Mario."

Quotes Edit

Mario: -It's a-Mario time!

Daneboe: -Where did that come from? We don't even have a Wii U.

Mario: -Can I a-try the iPad?

Daneboe: -Mario!!

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