Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds: PEAR Transcript:Edit

Pear: OK, this is ridiculous! I'm a Pear, and that-that thing's made of wood and stone and glass! You know, what glass can do to a Pear?!

Orange: Ooooo! Let's find out!


(slingshot launches, Pear's and screams, pigs wrecking continues as Pear grunts, groans)

Pear: Ohhhhh! I did it!

(pigs chuckling loudly)

Pear: Awwww...that was a close call.

Orange: Don't worry, Pear, I got your back!

Pear: What?! NO!! NO, DON'T DO IT!!

(Orange's as hacking, Pear screamed fires pigs, crashes as Pear grunts, laughing as do it)

Orange: So long slingshot! Hello! Spit shot! (laughing as Pear groans)

(end credits rolls)

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh God."
  • "Orange!"
  • "Gross!"
  • "Hey, What's up, Guys. It is Pear the most extreme gamer of all times."

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