"Scariest Demon Face Ever!"
Episode Scariest Demon Face Ever!
Characters: Luke Boedigheimer, two Friends
Airdate: April 23, 2008
Episode Reference: Three friends tries to scare each other.
Episode Guide
"Scariest Faces"

(The explodes in the music "SCARY FACES")

Daneboe (YouTube Channel): Hey! You, guys! You, want to see somethin' really scaries? Watch this!

(Daneboe and roars in pain, really scariest faces)

Guide: (blows raspberry) Lame...

Mom: Stupid, I could do somethin' way scarier, check, this out!

(Mom and snarling in pain, really scariest faces, snarling stops scary all at that)

Guide: That wasn't scaries at all...

Daneboe: That was week...

Guide: I have got somethin' way scarier! Check, this out! (Guide's Voice: "It's britney, bitch...")


(end credits rolls)

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