(The explodes in the music "SCARIEST FACES")

Bobjenz: Hell no, guys, you can't scare me! I have never been scared in my life!

Head: I don't believe it, not once?!

Bobjenz: Believe it! Never been scared!

Kevin Brueck: Oh yeah! Umm...what if were to do somethin' like this?

(Kevin Brueck and roars in pain, champfire like this scariest faces)

Bobjenz: Haha! So, lame! Okay, tough guy, you think that's lame!

Head: How, about this?

(Head and growls in pain, scariest faces)

Bobjenz: STOP!! STOP!! My 3 year old makes Scarier Faces: than that!

Kevin Brueck: Huh? Well, that's funny: Because, you need to see this!

(Kevin Brueck and growls in pain, scariest faces)

Bobjenz: Hang it up, guys. There's "Just No Way You're Gonna Scare Me!"

Head: Okay! 1 second! (Head's and whispers and out in) (singing): Tippty-tippty-tippty-tippty-tippty... (Head's and out in pants) How, about we try somethin' like this? ("IT'S MILEY!")

Bobjenz: Ahh! Oh, who's that?! No! No, your teeth! They're terrible!! They're like giant chiclets!!

Kevin Brueck: You think that's bad? Check, this out.

Bobjenz: They're terr-(music playing scariest faces) Aaah, Chris Brown!! Don't hit me, don't hit me!! Ho-ho-hoooo! Would I look like Rihanna?!...wuuuahhh...I thought you were in georgia pickin' up trash somewhere!!

"Scariest Faces"
Episode Scariest Faces
Characters: Three Friends
Airdate: September 18, 2009
Episode Reference: Two of the friends tries to scare their friend by making scary faces.
Episode Guide
"Scariest Demon Face Ever!"
"Scarier Faces"

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