"Scary Faces: End Game"
Episode Four
Characters: Two guys, the Devil
Airdate: October 31, 2011
Episode Reference: The final scary face-battle
Episode Guide
"Scariest Faces"


Guy: "I am so hungry right now."

Other guy: "Tell me about it."

Other guy: "What I wouldn't do for a cheeseburger."

Guy: "I'd sell my soul to the Devil for a slice of pizza."

Devil: [laughs maniacally]

Guy: "Um, who are you?"

Devil: "Seriously?"

Devil: "The Devil? Guys, come on."

Both guys: "Oh!"

Both guys: "The Devil, oh, you're the Devil."

Devil: "I have a proposition for you."

Both guys: "Whoa!"

Both guys: [groans]

Devil: "Not so fast."

Devil: "My proposition is simple."

Devil: "I will give you all the burgers and pizza you desire."

Devil: "If you can manage to scare me."

Guy: "That's it?"

Other guy: "What's the catch?"

Devil: "Oh, nothing. Just that if you fail to scare me, then your souls will accompany me back to hell."

Devil: "And will be doomed to eternal damnation."

Guy: "Pizza."

Other guy: "Burgers."

Both guys: "Deal!"

Devil: "Goodie!"

Guy: "All right. How 'bout this?"

(Transforms his face into a monster)


Devil: "Oh, please. You're not even trying."

[frustrated groan]

Other guy: "Well, if that dosen't do it for 'ya, how 'bout this?

(transforms his face)

[gurgling noise]

Devil: "Hitler's face is my toilet seat."

Devil: "Do you really think that scares me?"

Guy: "Fine, get a load of this."

(transforms into a bloody monster)


Devil: "Okay, I think we're done here."

Devil: "Thanks for playing. I'll be taking your souls to go now."

Guy: "Not so fast."


Guy: "Hey, Devil, suck on this."

(transforms into a baby)

[baby giggle]

Devil: "Ew, what is that?"

Devil: "Make it stop. Stop laughing!"

Other guy: "Oh, you think that's bad? Well, get a load of this"

(transforms into Nyan Cat)

Devil: "Oh... oh... oh, stop!

Devil: "No! No, please!"

Devil: "I can't take it anymore!"

(twenty minutes later)

Guy: "Okay, i'm stuffed.

Other guy: "You think you're stuffed?"

Other guy: "Check this out!

[grunts, farts]


Guy: [laughs] Wait-wait-wait, look."

[grunts, farts]


Both guys: [laughing]

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