Egg: And that's why they call it egg whites!

Eggs: (laughing)

Egg #2: What? Hey? Close the door?

Eggs: Aw, c'mon, pull pain up!

Egg #2: Hey! Watch the shell!

Egg #3: What's going on? I don't know...

Eggs: (hums too)

Egg #4: You should, really tell another, 1 of your jokes!

Egg #5: What? What's she doing?

Egg #6: Where's Steve going? (eggs me outfit, pull up clock woman) Huh?


Egg #7: Steve, was so young!

Egg #8: NO! Not me, no, I'm so young to d--Oh no!!

Egg #9: I'm gonna jump!

Egg #10: Jump, jump!

Egg #11: No, don't do it!!


Eggs: (scream young so too)

Egg #13: Oh, we are never gonna get out of here!


(Door close eggs scream. Let's out of here kind just be jokes, Eggs sighing, he's groans me.)

Egg: Hey! Who wants to hear a jokes?

"Screaming Eggs"
Episode Screaming Eggs
Characters: Eggs Steve Woman
Airdate: December 4, 2006
Episode Reference: The Eggs scream when a woman kills them
Episode Guide
"Scared Eggs (possibly)"

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